My Princess

princessThey say when a boy is naughty,

The world punishes him with girls.

His entire life is evolved around

Protecting his daughter from the very boys

He once used to be.

But when I look at you I don’t see a punishment

I see a blessing.

My princess, I would give my life for you.

Every day I remind you that you can become anything in this world

I give you all that you need so you won’t ask any man for anything.

If that boy buys you a necklace in hopes to get into your pants

I will buy a diamond one with your name on it so you will give it back.

You are a precious jewel

I will shield you enough to keep you safe but independent at the same time.

Baby girl, you are the most beautiful girl in the world.

You are intelligent, you can now count from 1-10

Even when I’m mad at you I will never lay my hands on you

Not because I want to spoil you but because I don’t want you to think it is okay

That a man can beat you up.

I can see the wonder in your eyes, the way they brighten up

When you see something new.

I am forever your first knight in shining armor

And you are forever my Princess.


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