Swimmer Syndrome in Puppies?

I know I know… It has been ages since I even had a look at wordpress though I have a good excuse 🙂 hehe. Have any of you ever heard of swimmer syndrome in puppies? I honestly have never!! My dog recently had a litter of 9 and I thought everything was going perfectly and smoothly however, a month down the line, the runt of the litter still could not walk. You would hear him crying all night trying to move 1 foot in order to feed. I literally had a baby of my own! Waking up 5-10 times in the night to help this poor pup! I put it down to he’s the runt! He is weak, frail and just needs a little push.

A week later, I noticed that he was dragging himself across the ground. Legs spread out on either side like this:


It looks painful right? You see!! I told you I had an excuse. The vet advised me to put him down but I just couldn’t bring myself to. So i did what any normal person would do in the 21st century… I googled. Now my little runt is running around like nothing happened almost as big as the rest!!! Please, if you have a puppy that is a “swimmer” just google. There are simple steps to help your puppy out!!