A letter to my 16 year old self


When he puts his hand on your leg or on the small of the back you will feel butterflies! Your heart will feel like it is about to burst. But that is all it is… a feeling! Wait. Wait for that feeling to pass. Block out the sound of his voice saying he loves you. When its gone look at him. You can now notice the smell of his B.O. You can now see what you once called a “moustach” as just a few stubbles of hair. You can now notice the crusted mucas fused with his notril hair. His once sparkling hazel eyes are now just a dull brown. He is saying “I love you” but you can hear the irritation in his voice. You was about to make a mistake! When u feel his sweat dripping on you. When you feel his flabby stomach touching yours. When you hear his heavy breathing. You would be disgusted. For that feeling would have faded away. Be patient. Your true love is on his way. He is just practicing being a better man for you. And for goodness sake! Red hair is not sexy!!

Yours truly,
Your Guardian Angel


22 thoughts on “A letter to my 16 year old self

  1. missraychanel84 says:

    My 16-year-old self was shy af. My first kiss was at that age with a guy I really liked. After he kissed me, I didn’t talk to him for a couple of weeks. I didn’t like feeling light headed and how my heart pounded when he got near me.

    I have issues.

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