The Encounter

It was Friday night and what better way to spend it than go out right? We were in the club… a few drinks in and the music was perfect. I was so tired of constantly watching my man and not touching, with a little liquid courage, i went for it. I pulled him off the seat he had been warming the whole night to dance with me. He leaned in grabbed my neck and pulled me in for that kiss i had been longing for. It felt like a dream! Me on my tip toes and him slowly moving his hand through me hair till he whispered “lets go home”. All the way home i was wondering… could it be? Were we just about to mess up? Will i finally feel him? As soon as we entered i ripped his clothes off. Shoes, shirt, trousers, vest, why does he have so much clothes on? Boxers… ooops no i cant touch those! I literally dragged him to the bed. Every time my hand would venture near that area i felt a light but firm slap. He kissed my neck and my tummy. Why was he teasing me? 😦 dressed in my bra and knickers he could tell i was getting frustrated. I could feel his bulge up against my leg and i couldn’t take it!i grabbed his hand and tried to put it down my bra. Immediately, he sat upright. In his drunken state he told me “I think that is enough for tonight. I am going to sleep on the sofa”. He staggered to the door as i pleaded “Nooo just sleep here we don’t have to do anything!” But he replied “I don’t trust myself”. How is it that a guy has more self control than me? That night i had the BEST wet dream ever!! Yepp… a girl had a wet dream! I was woken up by a kiss on my cheek as my boyfriend whispered “we will be okay” and gave me breakfast in bed! Eggs, bread and juice. Well, he tried haha. I felt so stupid! Why had i been so pushy? Why couldn’t i just kiss him and leave it like that? Why am i turned on so much by something i can not have?


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