What is a relationship?

What is the first thing you think about when considering a relationship:

  1. Money
  2. Sex
  3. Friendship
  4. Career
  5. Whether your pet cat likes him??

Well… in the beginning it was sex for me! I mean, I have to know if we are compatible I don’t want to have to fake an orgasm every time he tries to do his business and lays on top of me one minute later….. Eish! I mean, sex to me was how to end an argument, the perfect present when you forget a birthday and even how to occupy those boring rainy days! Sex is the PERFECT TOOL. Boy was I in for a shock!

It started off with a glance in his direction then we exchanged a few texts and before I knew it, I had met the love of my life. Sounds like smooth sailing yeah? Nope! He hit me with the “no sex before marriage”. Wait? What? Hold on, did I hear correctly? I actually burst into tears and I remember thinking “Is there something wrong with me?” A guy wanted to be with me… just me! Spending time with me loving who I am and all I could worry about is if it was because I was not attractive! I wasn’t interesting! I wasn’t fun to be around! I told the same stories and the same jokes. There was nothing new… well so I thought. My tool had been successfully confiscated. HELP!

I can’t lie that this lifestyle was my choice. HELL NO! But I can’t help but think it was fate. I had recently broken up with my ex who had cheated on me with multiple women.  I mean… they were all shades and sizes as long as you were a woman he was interested. This journey I was beginning will help me gain back my confidence k now that I actually was interesting and bubbly. I was a catch! And so it begins. This is my story.


42 thoughts on “What is a relationship?

  1. Liz C. says:

    Hi there! I like the concept behind your blog. It’s something new to me, and not a lot of people talk about I think. It’s very interesting.

    I do have so many questions, though.

    Like, why did he say no sex before marriage? (First thing that comes to my mind is from the Bible, which states sex is a gift from God but should be a sacred activity between a husband and wife only.)

    Did he have another reason?
    Are you presently in a relationship with him and waiting for the wedding?

    Sorry, I have a curious mind. 🙂

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    • diaryofacelibate says:

      Hahaha no it is perfectly fine to ask! I get so many questions about this concept all the time… Okay so, Yes! It is a religion thing. His parents work in the ministry and all of his other siblings follow similar beliefs about no sex before marriage. In fact, when his parents call they usually ask if we are following through. We are in a relationship almost 8 months now he has spoken about marriage on numerous occasions saying that it is indeed the end goal however we try not to talk about it too much and just go will the flow (I mean, its still a young relationship)

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  2. Artful Aspirations says:

    Lovely post! I need all the relationship advice I can get. Lol. Your blog page is truly awesome. I can not wait to read what you write next! Keep it coming! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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